God is not a Fish Inspector by W.D. Valgardson

God is Not a Fish Inspector

“God is Not a Fish Inspector” by W.D. Valgardson is a thought provoking tale. You are first introduced to the character known as Fusi. The author uses specific sentences to allow the reader to assume that Fusi is an experienced fisherman, though he is very old. We learn that Fusi’s fishing licence had been taken away and now Fusi has been left to sneak around and fish in the early morning. Fishing for Fusi is his release, it is how he likes to spend peaceful mornings, and is his favourite pastime. At the climax of the short story, we learn that the Fish Inspectors had known all along that Fusi had been fishing without a licence. This fact drastically changes the whole story. All along when Fusi thought he had been outsmarting the inspectors when in actuality they had been watching him the whole time. I think that the author’s point that they wanted to make in this story was to ask people this question: To what extent should the truth be told? Should you tell the truth all the time? Should you lie to someone to keep them happy? I think the author wanted us to ask ourselves these questions. Emma, Fusi’s daughter, seemed to think that the truth was necessary at all costs, and that God was watching her and that he wanted her to tell the truth. By telling Fusi that the inspectors had known about him fishing all along, I think that Emma had hurt her father. Emma should have just let Fusi be. He was not hurting anybody, so why did she take it upon herself to tell him the truth when he was completely happy with what he was doing?

The only personal connection that I can make with this story is when I ask my friends for their opinion. If I’m trying on clothes at a store, I would rather my friends tell me that I look fat in an outfit than them tell me that I look amazing. If I would have bought this outfit, I could have spent a fortune only to have people whisper mean insults under their breath when they see me. That kind of honesty is appreciated, or at least I think so.  The only time that I think honesty should be censored or cast away in any way is when someone’s true happiness is at stake. If I decide to take dancing classes, and they make me happy, why would you go and tell me that I’m the worst dancer you’ve ever seen? You wouldn’t, because dancing makes me happy. I think that Emma had no right to tell Fusi about the fish inspectors, and I think knowing that would wreck fishing for Fusi, and cause him to enter the old folk’s home that he so greatly despises.

I think the writer’s idea should be important to not only myself, but to all people because when you decide to tell the truth in that way, you could honestly be hurting someone. I agree completely with this idea, because someone’s happiness is more important than your urge to tell them the truth.



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